An Art Raffle, Geek Party & Fund Raiser In Honor Of George Takei's 75th Birthday


George Takei has truly gone where few (okay, no one) has gone before—he’s a Japanese internment camp survivor, a swashbuckling starship pilot, a civic do-gooder, a fanboy peace-broker, “Apprentice” contestant, and a booming voice for marriage equality. He’s more than just a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. George Takei is a force for good in the universe! There's no one quite like him in American popular culture and New York-based Geeks OUT plans to pay homage his work, life, and handsome face.

The Event

George Takei's 75th birthday is Friday, April 20th and Geeks OUT will be hosting a grand party in his honor. We are going to display and raffle off works of art inspired by Mr. Takei created by an exciting group or artists, including:  Abby Denson, Andy Swist, Bill Roundy, Carlo Quispe, Costello Tagliapietra, Daniel Nyari, David Cowles, Jarrod Pope, John Jennison, Jono Jarret, Justin Russo, Justin Winslow, Logan Faerber, Marc Scheff, Mark Hammermeister, Mathew Kessler, PJ McQuade, Rica Takashima, Rob Clarke, Rogan Josh, Sam Spaeth, Suzana Harcum, Tim Piotrowski, Zach Weiner and more!

There will be cheap drinks and DJ Dave Huge will be providing the soundtrack.

For press inquiries about Takei Back the Night, contact Patrick Yacco and Jono Jarrett at

What’s The Fund Raiser For?

Proceeds from the event will benefit Geeks OUT, an organization out to rally and represent the growing community of comics and sci-fi fans who are queer. Geeks OUT holds monthly social events and establishes a queer-positive presence at comic conventions. For more information, visit

Would you like to volunteer to help out with the event? Contact Joey at

Featured Artists and Event News!


Revisiting some of the awesome artwork from Takei Back the Night, Geeks OUT’s 2012 art show honoring gay geek pioneer George Takei! Artists really knocked it out of the park!

Submissions are now open for the March 2013 show Dream Weaver, paying homage to geek muse Sigourney Weaver! Get drawing!! Additional information and submission guidelines are available at

It’s fabric! Get out the sewing machine and make a Star Trek pillow!

Born in Bristol, Pennsylvania, Jeffrey Costello moved to New York in his teenage years where he began his career in fashion — designing clothing for various actresses and musicians. In 1994, he met his partner, New York native and Parson’s School of Design graduate, Robert Tagliapietra. Together they have created Costello Tagliapietra.

Both were taught at an early age by their grandmothers in the finer points of tailoring (both of whom, coincidentally, worked for Norman Norell in the 1960s). The designers learned as children couture techniques in pattern-making and construction. Through their years of creating custom wardrobes for celebrities and musicians, they have honed their skills at designing the perfect fitting garment.

And here’s one from our own Jono Jarrett. I’m Aladdin Insane over it!

What a swinging septuagenarian!

Andy Swist is a versatile illustrator and graphic designer living in Brooklyn, New York who has the pleasure to work in a variety of industries ranging from fashion to comics. Previous clients include: Matador Records, DC Comics, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers, Weatherproof Kids, UGG Outerwear, and Towers Watson.

Contact Andy for additional samples or questions via email:
askandy @ andyswist dot com

The final pieces of artwork are coming in. SQUEEEEE! I’m so excited!

Title: “Dream of a Spaceman”
Size: 16” x 20”
Medium: Acrylic on wood panel

John Jennison was born in a small town in Southern Maine in 1979. He is a freelance illustrator, artist and events coordinator living in Brooklyn. His work is mostly autobiographical in nature and deal with the sexual vs. emotional aspects of relationships but his current series is highly focused on octopi. Also, he is very bad at writing about himself in the third person. View his work online at

The lovely Abby Denson has contributed a signed print of this page, which she drew for a queer comics anthology!

Lulu Award winning cartoonist Abby Denson is the creator of the graphic novels Dolltopia (which won a 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award and a Bronze International Manga Award) and Tough Love: High School Confidential, which was originally serialized in XY Magazine. She has scripted comics for Amazing Spider-Man FamilyPowerpuff Girls Comics, Simpsons Comics, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, Disney Adventures, and comics for Nickelodeon MagazineThe City Sweet Tooth, her blog/comic about NY desserts ran on She has taught comics classes and workshops at various venues including the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art and Eugene Lang College at The New School.

What a charmer!

Rica Takashima is a Public Art Artist and Manga Graphic Novelist. Born in the Shinjuku neighbourhood of central Tokyo. Graduated from the Art Department, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music. Founded Aozora “Blue Sky” Art in 1994, in the trendy Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo. Her manga “Rica ‘tte Kanji!?” was selected as top 10 graphic novels 2011 by Italian WIRED magazine.

Currently living and working in Queens, New York.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fiercest one of all?

Mark Hammermeister is a professional illustrator from the Detroit area. His work has appeared in publications that include Playboy, The New York Observer, HOW Magazine, ImagineFX, and The Nashville City Paper. He specializes in caricatures and humorous illustration, and loves it when he gets a chance to cross over and paint some of his geeky obsessions.

Space madness!!

Rogan Josh (a.k.a. Josh Siegel) creates classy geek art that’s been featured on i09, Comics Alliance, Thrillist, and lots of living room walls. As a graphic designer, he has created fun, exciting work for dozens of clients ranging from rock stars to museums. In 2010 he helped found Geeks OUT to rally and represent LGBT fans of comics. He’s currently busy working on a CD cover, a comic book, and a collaborative illustration project. You can follow the ongoing modHero series at, and view his larger body of creative work at

Aww, with a heart over the “i” - just the way George signs his name!

Marc Scheff is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who made the wise decision to marry a woman who also loves Star Trek and has a special love for our dear Mr Sulu. His work has appeared in publications including Spectrum, ImagineFX, and more. He runs weekly live illustration demos with Awesome Horse Studios, and writes for Illustration Age and Agency Access. Oh, and Marc tweets really great tweets, like it’s his job, which he kind of feels it is. He also posts great resources for freelance illustrators on his blog. See and learn more at:

Woah! Warp speed on a trip into the 3rd dimension!

By blending right and left brain, Sam Shlomo Spaeth (BioMedical Animator/Illustrator CMI) gains the creativity of the abstract and the solid fact of empirical study. He aims to capture the natural world and present it in a visually pleasing way, helping others to see the unseen.

Justin Russo definitely know how to work some magic with simple pencil and paper!

Justin Russo is a native New Yorker working as an artist and illustrator. His work generally focuses on the WWII era as well as gay subcultures. For more information, please visit his site at or feel free to send an email to

Sulu DID indeed wear every color uniform!

Suzana Harcum lives and works in Worcester, MA with her fiancee, Owen White. She is the illustrator for the comic she produces with Owen, titled Tripping Over You. It is their first adventure into comicing together. The comic and links to her other works can be found at

Daniel Nyari has put together a beautiful illustration for us that I have decided to call “social realness”. It’s stark, strong, and powerful. Thanks, Daniel!

Daniel Nyari is a New York City based Illustrator and Designer. He was born in Romania but spend most of his childhood in Austria before moving and settling in the U.S. He’s studied everything from Fine Art, Web Design to Film Production and is currently working his dream job as an Illustrator. His passions also extend to Heavy Metal, German Soccer, Avant-Garde Film, and Nutella. 

You can view more of his work here.

Wow. The beautiful artwork just keeps rolling in for Takei’s Big 75th Brithday. Our latest piece is from master illustrator, Justin Winslow

With an eye for design, a mind for concepts, and a skilled hand for illustration, Justin provides a unique perspective and solution for every project he approaches. He has a true connection between hand and heart that is evidenced by his work. His digital/ ink/watercolor images reflect his fascination with everything symbolic, from pop icons to visual metaphors. He was formally trained at the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. His primary influences range from pop art to classical works. He is also inspired by film and underground music culture and enjoys traveling abroad. When he is not creating original art, he can be found freelancing at various New York production studios. His clients have included: PBS Kids, Cartoon Network, Safety4kids, King Features, HBO Family, Animania, HGTV, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, New York Family Magazine, Avenue Magazine, Genre Magazine, and The New York Press.